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In Malawi, enrollment diminishes as children progress through the education system.

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The PACEHope Scholarship primarily focuses on helping the students in Secondary schools (which consist of grade levels, or Forms, 1 through 4). Secondary school in Malawi is the same as High School in U.S.A. As seen through the chart above, from Standard 1 to Form 4, the enrollment number of students has significantly diminished and continues to do so over time. Pace Academy Foundation aims to change its fate into a rather hopeful turnaround of an increase. 

Total enrollment of

Female (top) & Male (bottom)

Source: Education Management Information System data, 2016

"The most disadvantaged suffer the most, with only 15 out of every 100 of the poorest girls in rural areas entering secondary school, and almost none having the opportunity to complete this level (Figure 2). Without reforms at the primary level, these children will have no chance of benefiting from the abolition of secondary school fees. While aid from the UK and US is supporting reforms to improve learning in the first four grades, these have yet to take effect."

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