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Welcome to


Lilongwe, Malawi


expected to complete in 2022

In an effort to further our services to current students, graduated students, and overseas mission teams, we have been searching and praying for a land to build Pace Academy Foundation Community Center.

In December of 2020, God answered our prayers and provided a piece of land in Lilongwe for us to bring this project to life. Since we already started our designing process even before finding the land, we are now much further in & finalizing the drawings and details of the community center. 

Community center program

Pace Academy Foundation has envisioned to build a community center that would provide...

Shelter for orphaned and/or homeless students & employees

Safe & protected area for Bible studies, services, and prayer time

Multiple spaces for class sessions, job training, and further education

Cafeteria and cooking stations for meals and dining services 

Open area for extracurricular activities and sports

Office and meeting rooms for staff, mission team, and employees


Since it is currently the rainy season, we are not able to start building yet... however, this does not mean we are just wasting away opportunities for the land. Thus, we have begun our Farming Project.